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Volvo Boot Mats

our simple process in 3 steps

At Vehicle Mats UK we like to keep things simple, ordering your Volvo boot mat has never been easier. Complete step 1 and leave the rest to us.

1. so many choices

Find the Volvo boot mat you are looking for from our website, select the colour and trim options you want and complete your order through our secure checkout.

2. we manufacture

Your order is received in real-time and your new Volvo boot mat will be cut to order using the best materials and the latest CNC machinery.

3. securely shipped

Once manufactured your Volvo boot mat will be checked to ensure it meets our high quality standards before being dispatched by Royal Mail (Please allow 3-7 working days for dispatch from date of order).

We offer a choice of quality affordable Volvo boot mat specifically for most of the Volvo range made from 1990 to present.

Please select your car model in the left-hand menu, or by entering the model name in the search box above.

These Volvo boot mats are custom made in the UK with the latest CAD technology. We have fully fitted boot protectors for the newest models of Volvo, such as V60, XC60, C30, S40, V50, and the XC90, to the earlier V70, XC70, C70, and 940.

We currently offer 5 carpet choices - prestige, executive, luxury, velour, and premium. For vehicles that lead a tougher life, our custom rubber boot protectors are the ideal choice. Available in hard wearing 3mm rubber or 5mm heavy duty rubber, our rubber mats are great for defending the vehicle from dirt and moisture.

To match your new Volvo boot protector, we also offer Volvo custom car mats available. Your quality affordable Volvo car mats can be produced from any of the carpet colour and grades listed for our prestige boot mats, or you could opt for our durable rubber Volvo car mats to protect your car.

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  2. Volvo C30 (1)
  3. Volvo C70 (1)
  4. Volvo S40 (1)
  5. Volvo V50 (1)
  6. Volvo V60 (1)
  7. Volvo V70 (1)
  8. Volvo XC60 (1)
  9. Volvo XC70 (3)
  10. Volvo XC90 (3)
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Adding our fully fitted boot mat to your Volvo is a fast and simple way of reviving the weathered boot mat currently in the vehicle for a fraction of the cost asked for genuine Volvo boot mats sold at the dealership. Our fitted boot protectors will prolong the life of your car's carpets, helping to freshen up old looking boot spaces and protect the appearance of new motors. It's fairly normal now for new cars to be supplied with no mats supplied in the anticipation of you choosing the more expensive dealer mats. Our standard option mats are similar specification to the dealer offering at a more attractive price, offering you the option of having a more luxurious carpet for a similar cost or getting mats for your Volvo at a more attractive price.

Our fully fitted boot liners are not genuine Volvo boot liners but will be the correct shape for your Volvo.