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Are you looking for high-quality custom van mats? Vehicle Mats UK sell a huge range of perfectly tailored floor mats custom-designed to fit nearly every make and model and offer great protection for your van flooring

Heavy-duty rubber mats for the workhorse van

If you are someone who uses your van for heavy work regularly and the floor gets a lot of thick dirt and mud trodden in on a daily basis, then we currently offer a choice of heavy-duty custom-made rubber mats for vans just for this. With the choice of hard-wearing 3mm rubber or 5mm heavy duty rubber, our rubber mats are perfect for protecting your van flooring against thick dirt and heavy moisture.

High-quality carpet grade van mats

For those who don’t use their van so heavily, or use it more for leisure, then we offer a great selection of carpet van mats made from a choice of five grades of carpet - premium, velour, luxury, executive, and prestige. Choose a harder wearing carpet that will protect your floor from general everyday moisture and dirt, or a luxury mat for those who use their van for travel, leisure or even sleeping in and want to take their shoes off and feel the warmth of a prestige carpet under their feet after a day out walking.

Affordable quality van mats

All our van mats are made in the UK, and machine cut to the exact size of your make or model of van, ensuring that it fits perfectly. We offer a great selection of tailored patterns to choose from. There are also 18 trim options.

Starting at just £21.95, choose from our extensive range which includes free UK delivery and a 60-day no quibble returns policy.

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